Currently Bronwyn works full time in her thriving private practice in the centre of Exeter. She is an accredited member of the BACP.

Prior to this she worked for 20 years in a variety of counselling settings, having originally done a seven year apprenticeship in the voluntary sector as a Samaritan. Having qualified as a professional counsellor and later as a supervisor to continue to inform her practice, she then worked as a trainer and course moderator.  Bron experienced working in GP surgeries for 7 years and went on to hold the post of Lead Counsellor in Occupational Health at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, contributing to the changing role of counselling in the health Service.  Since then she has also worked in partnership with the Mental Health Care Executive on a proposal to maintain and develop counselling in primary care groups in the area.

Bron believes that everyone has the potential to lead full and satisfying lives and can chose to change the limiting beliefs, which may inhibit this process, at any time. She says, 'we all have the capacity regardless of background and experience to do things differently.'   Bron is an amazing facilitator of change, influencing the process of self-awareness which leads to responsible and informed decision making and choices. All who have worked with her feel her infectious enthusiasm.

Bron was trained to work integratively using a number of counselling models.  Her main working models these days are Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP).  TA gives her the therapeutic knowledge base of human conditioning and NLP gives her a rich variety of tools to create change.  With the underpinning of these two models she has worked over the last few years to develop a brief term model of working which successfully meets the life changing needs of most clients, in a relatively short time, sometimes as little as two or three sessions!  Therapy need not be an expensive long term affair to successfully create major life change.  Bron believes the person is more than the behaviour they present with, so once the behaviour is changed they can feel like a new person and that this can usually be done in a surprisingly short space of time.